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Did you know that a Swedish engineer designed the Monitor, an ironclad ship in the Civil War? A+

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did you know that a swedish engineer designed the monitor, an ironclad ship in the civil war.

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Q: Which of these sentences uses correct capitalization Did you know that a Swedish engineer designed the Monitor an Ironclad ship in the Civil War?
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Who first used the ironclad warship in the civil war?

He was America's greatest engineer: an obsessive visionary who walked the floor of the Mississippi River, built the nation's first ironclad ships, designed a steel bridge no one thought possible, and opened the country's heartland to trade with a daring river control system. A bold entrepreneur and charming promoter,James Buchanan Eads created a series of technological marvels that changed the course of American history and inspired a new generation of engineers. Named one of the five greatest engineers of all time -- along with Leonardo Da Vinci and Thomas Edison -- Eads won the admiration of millions and the respect of leaders around the globe.The French Navy's La Gloire("Glory") was the first ocean-going ironclad battleship in history. built in 1860 for the Crimean war

Why was Mary touvestre very helpful?

she was a free black woman working for a Confederate engineer in Norfolk, Va., who overheard plans for building the C.S.S. Virginia. After obtaining a copy of the plans, she daringly crossed enemy lines to take this information to Secretary of the Navy, Gideon Welles, which caused the Union to crank up construction of its own ironclad warship, the U.S.S. Monitor.

Who invented the helicopter and why?

Russian born, US aeronautical engineer, Igor Sikorsky (1889-1972), designed and flew the first four engined aircraft in 1913 and designed the first successful helicopter in 1939. As to why, I can only guess that he saw a need and fulfilled it, or somebody asked him, or he picked up on one of Leonardo Da Vinci's ideas.

What is Military specialty 81C20?

Cartographic Draftsman (20th Engineer Btn.,Vietnam 1970)

What are the contributions of Dr Felix D Maramba?

contributions of engineer felix d. maramba

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Who designed the Grand Canyon skywalk?

It was designed by lochsa engineer

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Engineer is a noun so you can use it as a title. Mary is an engineer for the railroad. John was the mechanical engineer who designed the train.

I was the polish engineer who designed fortifications to protect American soldiers at Bemis heights?

The defenses at Bemis Heights were designed by the Polish engineer Tadeusz Kosciuszko.

Who designed the Trans Alaska Pipeline?

? Hunt engineer

Is there a enginneer that works on guns?

Firearms may be designed by an engineer.

The Monitor was designed by swedish born engineer?

John Ericsson

Who designed the helicopter?

Oszkár Asbóth, a Hungarian aviation engineer

Who was the polish engineer who designed fortifications to protect America?


Which engineer designed the V bomb for hitler?

Robert Lusser designed the V-1 flying bomb.

How was the design for the Statue of Liberty decided?

it was designed by the engineer that did the Eiffel tower .

Who was the polish engineer who designed fortifications to protect American soldiers?

Tadeusz Kosciuszko

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Gustave Eiffel