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Cuba and Hawaii

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Cuba and Hawaii

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Q: Which pacific islands were closest to the US?
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What are the closest countries to NewZealand?

Australia and the Pacific Islands.

Which group of islands is farthest east in the pacific ocean and closest to south America?


What were Japan's goals in the pacific and how did they affect the us?

they wanted the Philippines and the Hawaiian islands, and the rest of the islands in the pacific. this affected the US by making us go into war.

What did the guano islands act allowed the us to do?

Claim new islands in the Pacific

What islands in the pacific are closest to the equator?

The legendary Galapagos Islands, they're 1 degree North so there might be somewhere on the zero line.

What Pacific islands were acquired in 1867 as US territories?

The Pacific islands which were acquired in 1867 as U. S. territories were the Midway Atoll. These islands are also known as the Midway Islands.

Why did the US expand to Alaska to islands in the pacific?

My uncle

Which Pacific Islands did the US control by 1900?


What us state is a collection of islands in the North Pacific?

Hawaii is an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean.

Which of the 48 contiguous US is closest to the Hawaiian islands?

California is the closest contiguous state to Hawaii

What are two islands that the US govern?

Midway Islands and the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific and, in a way, Puerto Rico in the Atlantic.

What is the closest body of water to the Kurile islands?

The Kurile Islands lie in between the Pacific Ocean (on the east side of the archipelago) and the Sea of Okhotsk (on the west side).