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Colditz Castle. Oflag IVb. Pat Reid, Airey Neave & others proved otherwise !

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Q: Which prison camp was regarded by the Germans as escape proof in World War 2?
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What was the worst Japanese prison camps for the Germans in world war 2?

Japanese never had prison camp's for Germans since they were allies, but if u mean to ask prison camp similar to Germans, then it would be Japan's unit 731. Not a prison camp par se, but more of a human expt center.

Was mcvicker the first person 2 ever escape from durham prison?

No, William "Bill" McVicar was not the first person to escape from Durham Prison. There have been other successful prison escapes before him in different prisons around the world.

What should you name your new game about a civilization trapped in a prison where you have to complete tasks to eventually escape?

Sounds like a complex game. You could try something like "Prison World" or "Escape from [name of prison]" or Convict Society, or Discovering Freedom... ??

What were one of the battles in World War 2?

The battle of Okinawa in the Pacific .The Battle of Stalingrad , which was regarded as the turning point of WW2 on the Eastern Front where the Russians and Germans fought for the city of Stalingrad : the Germans were decisively defeated .

What was the great escape World War 2?

The great escape was mass escape of Allied POWs from the WW II German prison camp named Stalag Luft III. This event was made into a book and movie named The Great Escape.

Which World War 2 leader was later executed as a war criminal?

Tojo of Japan and a number of Germans were to be executed, but, I believed most wound up with prison time

First world war heroine nurse who was executed for helping allied prisoners to escape?

Edith Cavell is the name. She was shot by the Germans as a spy. Of course the British deny this, but then that is what the British do !

Why did Albert Eistein go to North America after Word War two?

To escape the germans. Albert Einstin was jewish. Enough said. A. Einstein came to the US BEFORE the 2nd world war

What was the nickname for the Germans in world war 1?

Germans wer often called "Huns" by their enemies in World War I

Did the Germans fight in World War 2?

All of it. The germans started it with Hitler.

How was it possible that Germans took on the world?

Hail der fuehrer! Germans did not take on the world. The allies declared war on germany

Were the Germans in America hated during World War 2?

Probably most Germans were hated. But them USA Germans might not have!