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The ancient egyptians preserved there people as mummies but mostly pharos and high people in Egypt



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Q: Which race of people used to preserve people as mummies?
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What did The Ancient Egyptians used to preserve mummies.?


Chemicals used to preserve mummies?

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How did the Egyptians make the mummies?

they used a thin paper substance to preserve the bodies

Can radiation preserve mummies?

Radiation can be used to preserve mummies by killing bacteria and other microorganisms that cause decomposition. In some cases, radiation has been used in the preservation process for mummies, helping to prevent further deterioration.

Who used the mummies?

Mummies were used by powerful Pharaohs and sorcerersabout 2 million years ago.

What were mummies of Egypt used for?

Mummies weren't really used for anything but the Egyptians believed that pharaohs and kings should be treated well and go into the afterlife. Egyptians would preserve the body which was called mummification for 70 days long. Later in Egtptian life thieves were open to wealthy possesions so they stopped preserving bodies.

What jars were used to preserve internal organs for mummies?

the jar is called a canopic

What are mummies wraped in?

Mummies are typically wrapped in strips of linen cloth before being placed in a coffin or tomb. The linen wrapping helps to preserve the body by preventing decomposition and providing support. Sometimes, other materials such as resin or oils are also used during mummification to further aid in preservation.

What were mummies not used for?

bury the dead

How did mummies connect to religion?

the religion of Egypt was that those who die and bring valueable things with them will get a better life in the other world so rich people used to ask that their bodies should be mummified and with their mummies really valueable things should be kept so that they could use it in the other world and obviously the pyramids were made in order to preserve the mummies and the valueable items.

Why were the tombs needed?

the tombs were used for mummies.

What chemical was used in embalming mummies?