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Robert H. Goddard made the first liquid fuel rocket

the first solid fuel rocket was by the Chinese as early as 1000 ad

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who invited the rockets

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Q: Which scientist invented rockets?
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Where was the rockets invented?

The first rockets were invented in China in the 9th and 13th centuries (A.D).

In what country were Congreve rockets invented?

it was invented in India in 1790.

Who invented rocket to moon?

people invented rockets to the moon

Where did the Chinese invented the rockets?

In China.

What scientist invented carbolic acid?

what scientist invented carbolic acid

What part of China were the rockets invented in?


How was the rockets invented?

Someone from China create it

When was rocketry invented?

The ancient Chinese had rockets.

Was Einstein a rocket scientist?

No, Einstein was not a rocket scientist. He was a theoretical physicist who is best known for his theory of relativity and the famous equation E=mc^2. Although his work laid the foundation for modern physics, he did not directly contribute to the field of rocket science.

Who invented model rockets?

G. Harry Stein

Chinese invented rockets?

They invented the rocket yes but not anything that went high enough to go into space, these were gun powdered rockets, the kind we use in fireworks displays, Not spacecraft.

Why do you need scientists?

you need scientist because without them how would we have rockets or any technology