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a local war historian

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Christopher Domingue...

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A war volunteer who patrolled the Thames

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Q: Which speaker would provide the MOST practical information on the role of the Thames in World War 2?
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Is the HMS Belfast in Belfast or is it in Londan?

It is permanently docked on the River Thames in London.

How many ships and aircraft's were involved in d day?

About 11,000 ships were involved in D-Day. They ranged from Thames barges fitted as kitchens to huge battleships like USS Texas.

Anything about the ship SS Coniston from around 1922?

my great granfather JosephWilson served on the SS Coniston and was accidentally drowned in the Thames on 6th June 1922. His headstone was erected by officers and crew of the SS Coniston at Bonemargey cemetry in Ballycastle Co Antrim.

What did the soldiers of ww1 see on there journey to war?

Leaving London's Victoria station - the steam train pulls out and we wave once more our families. Immediately we cross the Thames on our way to the port in Southampton 45 mins later we race through sleepy Surrey villages and cut through the downs... An hour and a half later Arundel Castle on the right. France I am not so sure.. but the accuracy I have given you for the British side of the journey is perfect... :)

How long did Iraq existed?

Iraq is the oldest civilization on Earth. The Iraqi people have 12,000 years of cultural history. They invented the hallmarks of civilization - writing, the wheel, agriculture, mathematics, astronomy, literature, monumental architecture, religion, sexagesimal, astrology, zodiac, banking, scientific method, and much more. Iraq is the cradle of civilization. Here are some references: Asimov, Isaac, "Asimov's Chronology of Science and Discovery", Harper & Row, 1989. ISBN 0-06-015612-0 De Bono, Edward, "Eureka! An Illustrated History of Inventions from the Wheel to the Computer", Thames & Hudson, 1974. Gowlett, John, "Ascent to Civilization", McGraw-Hill, Inc., 1992. ISBN 0-07-544312-0 Kramer, Samuel Noah, "History Begins at Sumer - Thirty-Nine Firsts in Recorded History", University of Pennsylvania Press, 1956. Platt, Richard, "Eureka!: Great Inventions and How They Happened", 2003.