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They supported the war effort and joined the military in large numbers

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Q: Which statement describes how Native Americans reacted to the United States' entry into World War II?
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Why did native Americans join confederate forces in the west?

Because the native Americans signed treaties with the confederacy outside of the war in the west.

Why was the fighting on the frontier revolution especially destructive?

Native Americans attacked Colonial settlements, and settlers killed neutral Native Americans.

Describe how the Americans tried to convince the Native Americans when they were negotiating peace in Paris?

the Americans where not cool. but they thought they where

Who signed the treaty of alliance?

native Americans

What were the relationship between Native Americans and African Americans in the West during the Civil War and Reconstruction?

from ƝɨѕhҠѡe on yahoo answers:In the 1800's -1900's there was little understanding between Native Americans and African Americans.Firstly because generally Native Americans were an unknown population just as they are today, and African Americans were not able to freely form friendships/relationships with people outside their local area/residence. So basically they had very little contact.Secondly anywhere the 3 populations (Black, White and Native) were in close proximity, the White settlers tried to create friction between the Blacks and the Natives.For example in some areas (southern coastal US) Native Americans where paid to recapture runaway slaves. Which they did to prevent their people from being taken by the slave traders. Most people are unaware that there was an active trade in Native Americans slaves in the US. Regiments of African Americans soldiers were used to hunt and kill Native Americans. The Native Americans called them Buffalo Soldiers.The friction was created between the African Americans and Native Americans because the settlers feared if the African Americans and Native Americans united they would outnumber the White settlers and would wipe them out in an uprising.The story of Native Americans protecting African Americans slaves is not entirely true. Historically like today, Native American society did not have the "concept of difference" based on race or skin color. Difference based on skin color is a Euro concept. Tribes often extended tribal hospitality to both African American and White people who chose to reside with the tribe.Secondly the story that Native Americans protected runaway slaves and intermarried was promoted by African Americans to explain why some didn't look fully African American. It was seen as somewhat better to be part Native American than to be part White.That's why today some African Americans believe they have Native American blood, even though DNA has proven only about 2.9% African Americans actually have Native American blood..4 months ago (10-09-2011)

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Which statement BEST describes American policy towards Native Americans in the late 19th century?

Most Native Americans were practically forced to relocate to reservations.

Which Statement best describes how western expansion in the early-to mid-1800s impacted Native Americans living in the Southeast?

.Most Native Americans were no longer crowded from their land by white settlers.

How public reacted to Custer's defeat?

custer's defeat was probly ok to the native americans

What statement is accurate about the behavior of the conquistadors toward the Native Americans?

They sought gold and enslaved Native Americans.

Initially the Powhatan Indians reacted to the Virginia colonists by?

The Powhatan Native Americans reacted to the Virginia colonists by attempting to kill them all.

How do you think the native Americans who lived on the frontier would have reacted to the movement of settles into the area?

They would have killed them like they have before.

What statement about the ancestors of the inuit and native Americans is not true?

We don't have your statements.

What best describes President Jackson's opinion of the Native Americans?

he believed they were not civilized

What statement is the best description of the Indian reorganization?

It decreased federal control of native Americans

Which describes the attitude of the dutch towards native Americans?

the dutch saw them as trading partners

What best describes attitude of the Dutch toward native Americans?

The dutch were not interested in converting them.

Which words describes the first meeting of Europeans and Native Americans?

Very different cultures