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intense itching and discomfort to the hairy parts of the body

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Q: Which symtoms are caused by lice?
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Which STD is caused by pubic lice?

Pubic lice cause pediculosis pubis.

Is head lice caused by poor hygiene?

< no, lice prefers clean hair. If the hair is dirty the lice/eggs cannot attach themselves.

What organism causes infestations of body lice?

Infestations of body lice are caused by Pediculosis humanus corporis, an organism that is similar in size to head lice.

what are symtoms of high cholesterol?

“what are symtoms of high cholesterol”

What conditions have similar symptoms to those of lice infestation?

The doctor will need to distinguish between head lice and dandruff; between body lice and scabies (a disease caused by skin mites); and between pubic lice and eczema.

What symptoms are caused by lice?

Intense itching to all hairy parts of the body.

How do you detect lice?

A healthcare professional needs to distinguish between body lice and scabies--a disease caused by skin mites--and between pubic lice and eczema, a skin condition.

What does the medical terminology combining form pediculo- mean?

The medical terminology combining form "pediculo-" refers to being related to or associated with lice. For example, "pediculosis" is a condition caused by infestation with lice.

What organism causes pubic lice?

Pediculosis pubis is the organism that causes pubic lice.Pubic lice infestation is caused by phthirus pubis and is commonly spread by intimate contact.Pubic lice are parasitic insects, not viral or bacterial, therefore not a pathogen.The pubic louse. (lice is plural for louse) Its an insect.

Rats and lice in world war 1?

Rats and Lice caused great distress among the soldier. Many of men were deeply afraid of them and feared going to sleep. The lice caused itchy sores, which were most common around the neck, wrists and ankles. Lice also spread disease and caused serious, fatal illnesses like typhus. Lice also got the blame for trench fever, which was a problem that affected both sides. Men got influenza and a high fever for 3-5 days. The lice laid hundreds of eggs in clothes and it was an especially hard job for Scottish soldiers as many of them wore kilts. Lice nested and thrived in the seams and folds of the kilt. The only way to get rid of them was to use a candle to pop them away.

What is the difference between pubic lice and scabies?

There isn't any different between head lice and pubic lice but how they look.

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