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Fort McHenry, just outside of Baltimore, Maryland.

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The Battle of Baltimore and the failed attack on Fort McHenry.

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War of 1812.

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Q: Which war was being fought in when the star spangled banner was written?
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Were was World War two held?

World war two was held through out the world. That's why it was called a world war. The Germans were being fought in North Africa, Europe, and Russia while the Japanese were being fought in the Pacific and in Asia.

What wars were fought by Americans before 1877?

The ongoing Frontier Wars were being fought by the US Army up until 1890. In 1876 the US Army lost a battle to the Sioux at the Little Big Horn. The US Civil War was fought between 1861-1865. War with Mexico from 1846 to 1848. War with Britain in 1812.

American war presidents?

if you mean presidents who were war heroes before being presidents George Washington is the easiest to name. also Andrew Jackson who also fought in the American revolution(democrat). Ulysses s. grant who fought and won the u.s civil war(republican). Theodore roosevelt who fought in the spanish-American war(republican).Dwight d. eisenhower fought in world war II(republican). george w bush fought in Vietnam(republican). that's all i can name since my fingers are bleeding now

Who did Hitler fight for in World War I?

Hitler fought for Germany despite being born in another country (Austria?) belley9743- Adolf Hitler indeed fought for Germany in World War 1. It was a wonder he even survived!! He was a messenger for Germany aswell.

How many battles did babur fight?

First battle of Panipat: The first battle of Panipat was fought in 1526 A.D. it was fought between Ibrahim Lodi of Delhi and Babur of Kabul. In this was Babur defeated Ibrahim Lodi and founded Mughal Empire in India. 4) Battle of Kanwa: The battle of Kanwa was fought in 1527 A.D. it was fought between Mughal emperor Babur and Rana Sangram Singh of Mewar. In this war Babur was the victor. This victory established the Mughal supremacy over the Rajputs. 5) Battle of Gogra: The battle of Gogra was fought in 1529 A.D. it was fought between Babur and Nasrat Shah of Bengal. It resulted in the elimination of Afghan threat to the Turkish power in India for the time being.

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What fort was being fired upon when the star spangled banner was written?


What event was being held when the star spangled banner was written?

The War of 1812.

Was the start spangled banner a song?

The Star Spangled Banner started out as a poem. It was written by Francis Scott Key who was inspired to write it after he witnessed Fort McHenry being bombed.

Why is the star spangled banner famous?

Because its about a war which was important to our country and was written by Fracis Scott Key

What city was burning when the star spangled banner was written?

Baltimore's Fort McHenry was being attacked by the British

What month was the star spangled banner written in?

September, just as Fort McHenry was being bombarded.

When was the exact date that Francis Scott Key's Star Spangled Banner published?

The Star-Spangled Banner was written on September 14th, 1814. It was written when Francis was being detained, after the British naval bombardment of Baltimore's Fort McHenry in the War of 1812. When the bombing finished, Key saw the American flag still up, and that was when he began writing the Star-Spangled Banner.

Who were the main opponents in the Battle of the Alamo?

the Americans won at the battle of Alamo as the star spangled banner was being written.

What does the word bombardment mean in the star spangled banner?

Being attacked with bombs. The poem was written immediately following the British naval attack on Baltimore in 1814.

What events were taking place at the time of the Star-Spangled Banner being written?

it was written during the war of 1812 by Francis Scott Key. The US congress made it are National Anthem in 1931

What things does America get from being in the War of 1812?

We successfully defended ourselves from the invading British army. And we have the Star Spangled Banner and the 1812 Overture.

Was Philip malloy's rights violated?

no because philp malloy have the chice to sing the star spangled banner because he is proud of being american