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Probably the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise; the only Survivor out of the three sisters, USS Yorktown (sunk at the Battle of Midway), USS Hornet (sunk at the Battle of Santa Cruz). Much to the heartbreak of most US Sailors of WW2, she was scrapped (re-cycled) in 1959.

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Q: Which warship in naval history has sunk the most tonnage?
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What happend to the uss enterprise?

The most decorated US warship in US Naval history was scrapped in 1959; USS Enterprise (CV-6).

What type of warship consumed most of the naval strategy of the Confederacy?

Building ironclads consumed most of the South's naval efforts.

Which country has the most warship?

The USA has the biggest navy so it has most warships

What was the name of the US ship in the Vietnam war?

The battleship USS New Jersey, America's most decorated US warship & history's last all gun battleship to have fought a war.

What is a brief description of an ancient warship?

It had several banks of oars for propulsion in battle and a sail for distance travel. It had a ram on front to attack and sink or disable opposing warships. The crews numbered several hundred as rowers.

What is The most famous US warship?

USS Enterprise (CV-6).

What was the most famous warship commissioned to fight the french privateers who were attacking American mechant ships?

The U.S. frigate Constellation was heavily engaged in the undeclared naval war with France 1798-800.

Where did the greatest naval attack in history take place?

Pearl Harbor. That attack brought the most powerful nation on the face of the earth into WWII.

What was the deadliest naval battle in ancient history?

There is much dispute as to which naval battle was the largest and most deadly. However, some of the battles in the running are Salamis in 480 BC, Red Cliffs in AD 208, and Lepanto in 1571.

What was the plan of the naval Confederate Secretary Mallory to overcome the number of warships of the Union?

Secretary Mallory believed the South could overcome the naval superiority of the Union by developing warship technologies that were for the most part new and advanced compared to the Union's technology at that point in time. Mallory wanted to build war vessels capable of traveling along the Southern coasts and even Northern ones, to reduce the Union's blockading measures. He believed the way to proceed was to buy or build ironclads. The Confederate Congress agreed with Mallory and set aside $3 Million for warship construction or purchase.

Why was the Mary rose important?

The Mary Rose is important because it was one of the main and biggest Tudor warship which held the most crew, weapons and equipment.

In terms of tonnage which item was most transported during the Berlin Airlift?