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Battle of the Bulge

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Q: Which was not a US military success in the Pacific theater?
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What conflict was a US military success in the Pacific theater?


Why is Douglas MacArthur relevant?

He was an important US military leader during World War 2. He served in the Pacific Theater of Operations.

Who was the US fighting in the pacific theater?

In the Pacific Theater of Operations, America and its allies fought the Empire of Japan.

Which theater did the US have more men fight in World War 2?

Pacific theater

Is Afghanistan in US military pacific or Atlantic?


Who commanded American troups in the pacific?

The Allies divided the world into Theaters of Operations, of which there were two in the Pacific, the Central Pacific Theater and the Southwest Pacific Theater. There was also a China-Burma-India Theater. US Army General Douglas MacArthur was commander of the Southwest Pacific Theater. US Navy Admiral Chester Nimitz commanded the Central Pacific, and he was also commander of the US Pacific Fleet. Nimitz usually had the six divisions of US Marines, and Army troops as well under his command, plus US Army Air Force units. British General Lord Louis Mountbatten commanded the China-Burma-India Theater.

Which US victory in the Pacific theater took the Japanese by surprise?


Who was the leader of the US military in the Pacific?

MacArthurGeneral Douglass MacArthur

What was the military goal of the US in the Pacific during World War 2?

The military goal of the US in the Pacific during World War 2 was Japanese surrender.

Where were the US Army Pith Helmets made for use during World War 2?

Apparently, the US Marine Corps had stock-piles of them crated away in storage, as surplus stores are marketing them as original un-issued WWII USMC pith helmets. US military pith helmets were for personnel assigned to the PTO during WWII. PTO=Pacific Theater of Operations (aka the Pacific War) ETO=European Theater of Operations CBI=China, Burma, India Theater

What was the us military goal in the pacific?

The goal of the United States was to defeat the Japanese. This meant the removal of the Japanese from many islands in the Pacific Ocean, the destruction of the Japanese Navy, and the surrender of Japan.

What every American should think about on pearl harbor day?

1. That the attack was not on United States soil, because Hawaii was just a territory back then.2. That it was a military attack on military targets.3. That it was the event that triggered the United States' entry into the "Pacific Theater" of the Second World War. This is the name for the war between Japan and the US in the Pacific.