who was involved in ww2?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There were a lot of countries involved in ww2 like Nazi Germany , UK and the Soviet Union who were in the allies and the japanese who were in the axis

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Q: Who was involved in ww2?
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How was Ethiopia involved in WW2?

They were attacked by Italy

What wars was the Nazis involved in?

The Nazis were involved in only one war, WW2.

Who involve in WW2?

A good seventy countries were involved in WW2, although a lot of these countries didn't come in until the middle of or towards the end of WW2. But France, Britain, Russia, Japan, Poland, Italy, and of course, Germany were involved in WW2 from the beginning to the end.

Was World War II in Philadelphia?

The territory that is Philadelphia was not involved in WW2 but people from Philadelphia were involved.

What countries joined in World War 1 and 2?

There were over 100 countries involved in WW1 There were 57countries involved in WW2

When did Poland get involved in World War 2?

Poland got involved with WW2, when the Germans invaded Poland on September 1939.

What were the effects on Japan?

retaliation from the americans and this got these two countries involved in ww2

Which conflict did the US become involved in shortly after WW2?

The Cold War, then Vietnam.

What caused America to officially get involved in WW2?

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

What were the consequences of World War 2 for new zealand?

Many men died. Following ww2 nz was involved in the cold war, because of ww2 alliances.

How many deaths were there in Costa Rica World War 2?

None. They were not involved in WW2.

Was there a revolution in Germany in 1918?

No because he was involved in WW2 and that's WW1 times