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The Union soldiers in the Civil War were sometimes called "yankees" or "yanks."

The Confederate soldiers were sometimes called "rebels" or "rebs."

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Q: Who are the Yankees and the rebels?
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What were the northern and southern soldiers called?

The northerners were called Rebels or Johnny Reb .... Southerners were called Yankees or Billy Yank .

What was the nickname of the Union soldiers?

Nicknames for Union soldiers include Yankees and Bluebellies.

Why were the north called the Yankees and the south called the rebels?

To most people living in the US at the time, the Civil War as we know it today, was called the "war of rebellion." The US Civil War was actually an UNDECLARED WAR in which the south was rebelling against it's own government. Hence the word "Rebel", short for rebellion.

A name for northern soldiers during civil war?

Confederate states and the union states The northern soldiers were simply called the Union (which was also the name describing the northern states), while the southern soldiers were called Confederates (after the name that described the states that broken away in 1861, the Confederate States of America.) EDIT: The soldiers of the North were known as the Yankees. They were often referred to as "Billy Yanks" by their enemies from the South. The soldiers of the South were known as the Rebels. "Johnny Rebs" became their nickname by the Union armies of the North.

What were the confederate soldiers sometimes called?

The confederates were known as rebels in the war and were often referred to with the nickname "Johnny Reb". Alternatively, the Union soldiers were nicknamed "Yankees", "Yanks", "Billy Yank" and sometimes, "Butternuts" due to the coloration of their uniforms.

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Was confederate Yankees or Rebels?


Did the yankees win the the battle of little round top or did the rebels?


The Yankees wore blue uniform. What colour uniforms did the Rebels where?


How do you spell rebels the way they did during the civil war?

The Southerners were called Rebels. The Northerners were called Yankees. The spellings are the same today.

What did british call colonists to insult them?

Yankees ,patriots, traitors, rebels ,etc.

What is the Yankee Army?

It was the North in the Civil War. The North's nicknames were the Yanks(Yankees) and the South's were the Rebels.

What was the name of the people who fought in the civil war?

The northerners were called Yankees and the Southerner were called rebels.

What did the British call the colonists to insult them?

Yankees ,patriots, traitors, rebels ,etc.

Who was the Battle of Vicksburg with?

The Confederates would say the battle was with the Yankees. The Federals would say the battle was with the Rebels.

Military action early in the civil war seemed to indicate that?

The Yankees were ill prepared to deal with the Rebels.

Who are the good guys and the bad guys of the somali civil war?

The Rebels were fighting for freedom of the slaves and the Yankees were fighting for their right to keep their slaves. In all fairness even some of the Rebels had slaves but they were good to them and treated them like family and didn't beat them like some of the Yankees did.

Why in the Civil War did the rebels go North?

Thats where the enemy was. they arnt going to go to Mexico to kill Yankees.