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bum pooo and ellie jackson

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Q: Who are the famous people in Cameroon?
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Cameroon's famous people?

There are many famous people in the African country Cameroon. For example, there is Benjamin Moukandjo, who plays for the national football team.

Who is famous in Cameroon?

Ahmadou Ahidjo is famous in Cameroon.

Where are famous places in Cameroon?


Famous people in Cameroon?

Sameul Eto'o - Football Player Currently playing in Italy for Inter Millian.

What are Cameroon's famous stories?

fairy and dancing

Are there any famous places in Cameroon?

yes there are

What famous people live in Cameroon?

Magdalen Albright - Former US Secretary of State Alfred Saker of Great Britain President paul Biya of Cameroon and much more have lived and worked in Cameroon see resource link below for more

What famous landmarks does Cameroon have?

Cameroon is known for iconic landmarks such as the Waza National Park, Mount Cameroon (an active volcano), and the Manengouba volcano. Other notable landmarks include the Limbe Botanic Garden, the Limbe Wildlife Centre, and the Rhumsiki Peak.

What famous players played for Cameroon?

famous players that played or that do play for cameroon are Samuel Eto'o he played for Barcalona and Brazil, Alex Song he played for Arsenal.

Who is the most famous person in Cameroon?

Samuel Eto

What famous footballer lives in Cameroon?

He is Samuel Etoo.

When was Cameroon People's Democratic Movement created?

Cameroon People's Democratic Movement was created in 1985.