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Lucy maud Montgomery,kara grant,brad Richards,sir Andrew macphail and Alicia Polokins.

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Q: Who are the famous people in PEI?
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What is a famous product of PEI?

Mussels, Potatoes

Why is PEI famous?

PEI is most famous for its potato industry and the classic story "Anne of Green gables". Some other attribute to PEI is its red dirt, the beaches, its many golf courses, seafood and horse racing. and of course the confederation bridge.

What famous sites are in Charlottetown PEI?

A famous site in Charlottetown is Province House, the birthplace of Canada!

What do people do in pei?

cheap and good

What types of food do people eat in PEI?

The food at PEI are cheap and good. Heres a list of foods:

What do people in pei eat?

cheap and good

How does people in PEI interact with the environment?


What type of people live in PEI?


What languages do people in PEI speak?


What is pei famous for?

potatoes, anne of green gables, being the smallest province in canada.

How tall is Pei Pei Lin?

Pei Pei Lin is 5' 5".

What does pei mean as in shar pei?

"Pei" in "Shar-Pei" means skin in Cantonese.