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What happened is that, The Confederacy attacked Fort Sumter.The Union was forced to surrender, and they did. The only person who died in the Union there was killed in the last explosion.That's what happened at Fort Sumter. Read More on

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The first shots of the Civil War were fired.

Confederate artillery fired on the Union garrison at Fort Sumter, a tiny island in Charleston harbour.

Lincoln responded by calling for 75,000 volunteer troops.

The war was on.

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Confederates under P.G.T.Beauregard

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Q: Who attacked fort Sumter in April 1861 marked the begging of the civil war?
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When did the south attack Fort Sumter?

It was attacked on April 1861

When was fort Sumter attacked by the confederate?

April 12, 1861

Fort Sumter attacked?

Fort Sumter is located in Charleston, South Carolina. It was attacked on April 12, 1861 when Colonel James Chesnutt gave the orders for it to be fired upon.

What two groups fought in the battle of fort Sumter?

The Confederates attacked the Union fort on April 12, 1861.

When did Fort Sumter get attaked?

It was attacked on April 12, 1861, at 4:30 AM, by the forces of Gen. Pierre Beauregard.

What was the day when fort Sumter was attacked?

April 12th, 1861; however, the battle continued onto the 13th and 14th.

What month did the civl war start?

The Civil War of the United States of America began on April 12 when the confederates attacked Fort Sumter.

Who attacked first during the civil war?

The Confederates bombarded Fort Sumter, Charleston harbor, South Carolina, on 12 April 1861

Who attacked fort sumner?

The Attack on Fort Sumter in April 1861 Began the American Civil War. Confederate Brigadier Gen. Beauregard demanded the surrender of the Union garrison of Ft. Sumter in Charleston, SC.

When P.G.T. Beauregard attacked Ft. Sumter who was its commanding officer?

Major Robert Anderson, United States Army, was the commander of Fort Sumter when the Confederates under Beauregard opened fire on it on April 12, 1861.

Where were the first shots fired of the Civil War?

The first shot's credited to the start of the Civil War were fired at Fort Sumter in South Carolina were the Confederate military attacked the fort.Fort sumpter

What occurred in the battle of fort Sumter?

The South attacked the North. This was the start of the American civil war.