Who captured santa Anna?

Updated: 8/20/2023
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The Battle of San Jacinto resulted in the capture of 730 Mexican soldiers.

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he was captured by james a. slyvester

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Q: Who captured santa Anna?
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What did the Texans do to Santa Anna after he was captured?

In pursuit of Sam Houston's army, Santa Anna split his army into three columns. He hoped to trap the Texan army, but instead, his main force was drawn into battle at San Jacinto, and defeated in eighteen minutes. Santa Anna himself was captured.

When Santa Anna was captured what did Sam Houston trade Santa Anna's life for?

Stephen F. Austin

Santa Anna was captured after the?

Battle of San Jacinto.

What year was general santa Anna captured?


Who was captured during the battle of san jacinto?

Santa Anna!

Who was captured in the Battle of San Jacinto?

Santa Anna, the President of Mexico

What happened to santa anna in the battle of san jacinto?

He was captured by the Texicans.

Whose troops were captured and executed upon the orders of Santa Anna?

The Texas Army.

Was the Alamo attacked by Santa Anna in the war for Texas Independence?

Santa Anna was not captured at the Battle of the Alamo. He won that battle. He was later captured by Sam Houston and Texas forces at the Battle of San Jancito on April 21, 1836.

Santa Ana president of Mexico captured at the Alamo?

No. The Alamo was a siege and battle where many Texan settlers died. Mexican president Santa Anna was captured at the Battle of San Jacinto.

What military leader was captured by the Texan army thus giving Texan their independence?

Santa Anna was the military leader captured by the Texan army.

How much time passed between when Santa Anna was captured and when he signed the treaty?

Short, very short.