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i think it was your mom at goliad

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Q: Who decided to return his troops to Goliad because one of his wagons broke down?
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Did moses rose decided to return his troops to goliad because one of his wagons broke down?


Who decide to return his troops to goliad because his one of his wagons broke down?

i think it was your mom at goliad

What did colonel fannin do at the end of the battle of goliad?

At the end of The Battle of Goliad, after Texans surrendered, Fannin and his troops were marched back to Goliad and imprisoned in the old presido.

Did Santa Ana send all his troops to the Alamo?

Santa Ana sent some of his troops to Goliad.

Why did the Houston's troops shout Remember Goliad at the Battle of San Jacinto?

Colonel James Fannin and about 350 of his fellow prisoners of war were massacred at Goliad.

What is the town where 350 Texans were killed by santa annas troops?

Goliad, Texas

What caused Texans revenge against santa annas troops?

The Battle of the Alamo and the Massacre at Goliad.

When did fannin surrender at goliad?

some historian say that he was told his troops were to be executed if he did not sign. On March 27 Texans marched to Goliad and were held there for a week those who could walk were in a column in three and shot fannin and others were later executed. I got this info from history class.

What happpened at Goliad?

This 1835 battle was fought during the Texas Revolution. There was a massacre; Santa Ana's troops killed all prisoners.

What battle did Mexican troops defeat rebel army and about 400 Texans surrender?

After the Battle of Goliad, about 400 rebel Texans surrendered to the Mexican army.

Why do you think Nixon decided to take US troops out of Vietnam?

So Some Of The Troops Would Not Die

Why did troops return in world war 2?

Troops went home when the war ended.