Who did canada fight in WW2?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Axis powers.

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Q: Who did canada fight in WW2?
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Who Canada fight with in world war 2?

Canada was one of the main Allies in both WW2 and WW1.

What war did Pablo Picasso fight in?


What war did Roy Lichtenstein fight in?

In WW2.

Where did british soldiers fight during ww2?


Who earned voting rights during ww1 and WW2?

In ww1, while men were fighting on the fronts, the women were left at home. So they decided to fight for their rights. 1919 was about the date for women getting the right to vote. (Canada) After ww2, immigrants like the Chinese and Japenese won the right to vote. In Canada, 1948 Chinese immigrants and 1949 Japanese immigrants

What is was Canada's role in ww2?

They fought with allied troops.

What happened to the soldiers that were conscripted but did not go to war?

As this question is in the "Canada In World War Two" folder, I would imagine the person wants to know about the specifics of the conscrition crisis in Canada, during that war. During WW2, Canada had two types of soldiers, those that "volunteered to fight" and those that "refused to fight" The first group went overseas and fought and represented Canada very well, while the second group sat on their asses in Canada, being paid and fully trained, but refusing to fight. They were called "Zombies" and most were from Quebec. Cowards every one. Even today, Canadian WW2 veterans have very little good to say about the Province of Quebec and the cowards that were the ZOMBIES. Jim Bunting. Toronto.

What country did the allies fight against?

Which war? WW1 or WW2

What war did the us go in to fight the Japanese?

Russia had the Great Patriotic War (WW2); America had the Pacific War (WW2).

Did America fight in a war to free Jews?

No. America fought in WW2, one result of WW2 was to free those Jews who had not already been killed, but the USA did not fight in a war to free Jews.

Who is Igor gouzenko?

he is a Russian spy that helped Canada in WW2

How did they fight during WW2?

Fire and maneuver was the standard combat tactic