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The United States via NATO.

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Q: Who did western Europe ally with after world war 2?
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Was Romania an ally during world war 1?

In the WW1 Romania was an ally of Western countries.

What was Canada's role in the cold war?

Canada was a founder member of NATO and thus an ally of the U.S. and Western Europe.

What was solvania during World War 2?

A country in central Europe invaded by Germany so it was an Ally

Where were the theatres of war in World War 2?

Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North Africa, the Mediterranean, and partially the Middle East.

World war two in Europe campaign?

The western allies on the western front, and the Soviets on the Russian Front.

What provided financial aid to war torn Western Europe after World War 2?

Marshall Plan

What nations were on russias western border after world war 1?

Europe, Asia,Africa

What was the aim of the US in Europe after world war 2?

Primarily, it was to rebuild Europe in the Western mold, and to create a united popular front against the former ally of Soviet Communism. In this regard, it was a success. Germany was split in two, and West Germans did not flee to East Germany, yes?

Who was the enemy to the Western Allies in World War Two?

During World War 2, the western allies fought against Germany, Italy and Japan. In Europe some smaller nations like Hungary were allied with Nazi Germany.The USSR became an "ally" after Hitler attacked the Soviet Union in 1940.

What was the name of the tension between the US and Western Europe vs the Communist world after World War 2 called?

Cold War.

Was Ukraine an Ally or Axis in World War 2?


What was the principle region of conflict in Europe during World War 1?

western front