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the gov.

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Q: Who does Thoreau feel is responsible for the war?
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How did Thoreau feel about nature?

he is not a fan.

How is Thoreau's place of birth related to the American Revolutionary War?

The war began at Thoreau's birthplace, Concord, Massachusetts.

Who does Thoreau hold responsible for the accomplishments of America?

im at school:(

Was Henry david Thoreau in the civil war?


Who wasn't a writer before the Revolutionary War?

Mark Twain was not a writer before the Revolutionary War.

Which of these men was not a writer before and during the revolutionary war?

Henry david thoreau

Why did Thoreau believe it disgraceful to be associated with the American government?

Thoreau believed that each man was only responsible for doing what he believed was right. However, during the time, the government was using citizens to fight a war. It used them as tools rather than citizens. So any soldier participating in the war was not abiding by his own moral but following orders from the government.

What historical event is Thoreau protesting against?

The Mexican war.

Why does Thoreau not feel confined in prison?

Thoreau does not feel confined in prison because he views his time there as an opportunity for inner reflection and resistance against unjust laws. By maintaining his principles and beliefs, he finds a sense of freedom even within the physical confines of the prison.

A noted transcendentalist and pacifest he called the Mexican American War an immoral war of conquest?

Henry David Thoreau.

Record your first hypothesis Who was primarily responsible for the Cold War- the United States or the Soviet Union?

Many people feel that the United States was primarily responsible for the Cold War due to a fear of communism but many more, including myself, blame the war on the Soviet Union.

How did Thoreau protest the Mexican War?

He practiced civil disobedience by not paying taxes to protest the war.