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The commander.

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Q: Who governs the military employed in the service of the US?
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What percentage of the US workforce is employed by the military?

Less than 1% of the US workforce is employed by the military.

How many members of the US military are employed?

All of them are employed, as they do earn a taxable paycheck.

Who governs the US fisheries?

The U.S. fisheries industry is managed by the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS),

What is the army?

one of the military service in the US.

Who governs the DMZ?

US troops governs the DMZ

What branch of the us military service was attacked by japan?

The US Navy!!

Does the service stripe have a star on them now?

Not in the US military but the National Park Service does.

What did the US rename the military draft?

Selective Service

What is the name of the form the US military uses when you leave the Military Service for good?


Does the government list everyone that serves in the marines or military?

The US Marines are a military branch of service. There is a RECORD of every person serving in the US military.

What are the branches of military service in the US?

The US Military forces consists of: The US Marine Corps The US Army The US Navy The US Air Force, and The US Coast Guard

Why is fraternization a criminal penalty in the US Military?

It is contrary to the good order and discipline of the military service.