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Germany fought the us in World War 1

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Germany and others.

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Who are the three powers the US fought in World War 2?

The three powers that the US fought against during World War II were Germany, Japan, and Italy

Us fought agAINST what counties in world war 2?

Us fought against Italy, Germany and Japan.

Three wars fought by the US in the 1900?

World war I, World war II, Korean war, and Vietnam war.

Who fought with us in World War 2?

That depends on just whom "us" is.

What did Germany do to keep the US from breaking off diplomatic relation?

They fought for their rights in World War 1.

What two countries the us fought in World War 2?

They fought the Germans, Japanese, and Italy

Did the US fought with Hitler to defeat England in war world 2?

no but they fought against japan

What country fought on the side with the US in World War 1 and against them in World War 2?


Who fought beside the us in World War 2?

The British and the USSR fought along side the United States during this war.

How many US soldiers fought in World War 1?

Approximately 65 million combatants fought in Word War 1.

Who did the us fight in WWl?

The US fought Germany and Austria-Hungary in World War I.

Who fought in The battle of Atlantic in World War 2?

Us and the Japanese.