Who has ears like bombs?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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depends on what you meen?

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Q: Who has ears like bombs?
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What are the bad effects of bombs explosion?

They destroy things; they can injure your ears (permanent hearing damage).

Are atomic bombs different from nuclear bombs?

Both basically are the same, they can be fission or fusion bombs like Uranium,Plutonium and Hydrogen bombs. A general description would be that atomic bombs are fission bombs. Nuclear bombs are fusion bombs. Fusion bombs are more powerful weight for weight

How do you make your ears move?

To make your ears move you need to think,''I can move my ears, I can move my ears, I know I can!'' Really hard. Then just look to your left and try to move your eyebrowns then your ears will move!!! Belive me it works.

Do chameleons have ears?

Yes, chameleons have ears. They do not have protruding ears like mammals but the disk shaped areas behind their eyes are ears.

What did the bombs look like?

If you mean the first two atomic bombs, see the link below labeled ATOM BOMBS. It will take you to an aticle on them with photos.

How come people have ears?

ppl have ears because they are cool like that

What are dogs ears used for?

For hearing, just like we use our ears.

Where do ladybugs have ears?

No. They hear with their antennae like ants.

Does Saphira have ears?

Not external ears like we do. They are probably about the same as those of a lizard.

Do ostriches have ears?

Yes they do have ears on the side of thier head but they are more like holes.

What does the phrase looked at you like you had three ears?

it means u looked like abnormal(because u had three ears)

Do hamsters like to be scratched behind the ears?

some like to be scratched behind the ears but not all.Always remember to scratch gently