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The rifled musket was invented and sold to the US Army in 1861. The rifle ball was invented by French inventor Claude-Ã?tienne Minie.

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Q: Who invented the rifled musket?
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How the musket different from the rifle?

the musket does not have a rifled barrel and a rifle does

What guns did the British use in 1857?

The Enfield rifled musket.

What did the rifled musket do?

It made accurate long range fire possible.

Who was famous for their marksmanship with a rifled musket?

Davy Crockett. Anny Oakley

What does the rifled musket do?

It improves that accuracy and distance of the bullet by causing the bullet to spin not tumble like a smooth bore barrel musket.

How do you clean a civil way rifled musket?

I don't know how to clean a musket I just need to know how people in the confederacy cleaned their muskets

What are the weapons in order used in the civil war From Greatest to least?

1. Parrot 2. Mortar 3. Napoleon 4. Small mortar 5. Breech loading rifle 6. Sniper Rifled musket 7. Rifled musket 8. Smooth bore musket 9. Pistol 10. saber/Sword 11. Bayonet 12. Knife

What is a rifle musket?

A rifle musket is a musket that has a rifled barrel. Until the mid 19th century, the standard infantry weapon of most of the world's armies was a smoothbore, long-barreled, muzzleloading musket with a relatively large bore. Rifles, with shorter barrels and smaller bores were also in use, but primarily by specialized troops. With the invention of the Minie style bullet, which allowed much faster loading than the traditional patched ball, the more accurate rifling started to replace a smooth bore as the standard for infantry use. Initially, existing smooth bore muskets were converted to "rifled-muskets". The term meaning a musket that had been rifled. In the mid 1850s new musket designs such as the British Pattern 1853 (Enfield) and the US Model 1855 (Springfield) became the standard. These weapons, which were originally designed with rifled barrels, were called "Rifle Muskets" or "Rifle-Muskets" to distinguish them from the shorter barreled rifles.

Which country invented the musket?

The Chinese are credited with the invention of the musket. The musket was a later form of a weapon known as the hand cannon.

When was the musket invented?

in the 1500's

Where was the musket invented?

in ya mum

What new technology new to the civil war made it possible for bullets to travel faster and further?

The rifled musket and Minié ball.