Who is Karl Donitz German Admiral?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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He was the head of the German navy for the last half of World War 2. After Hitler's suicide, he was President of Germany for a few weeks before the Allies dismantled the German government.

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Q: Who is Karl Donitz German Admiral?
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Who was the second fuhrer of the German Reich?

Admiral Karl Donitz

Who were German you-boats led by in World War 2?

Admiral Karl Donitz

How do you spell donitz?

There is a German surname spelled Dönitz, often spelled Doenitz in English. Notably Admiral Karl Dönitz who headed the German navy in World War II and was Hitler's nominal successor.

Who officially surrendred the German forces after the death of Hitler?

Admiral Karl Donitz of the German Navy surrendered the Third Reich. It would have fallen on Hermann Goering, but Hitler was outraged when he learned that Goering had already surrendered himself to the Allies. Hitler kicked Goering out of the Nazi Party and named Donitz as his successor. Hitler probably expected Donitz to fight to the end, but after Hitler's suicide Donitz immediately went about the task of surrender.

Who did adolf Hitler designated to be his successor after he died German military officer?

karl donitz

Who was Hitler's successor?

Adolf Hitler's successor was Grossadmiral Karl Donitz. Himmler, Goebbels and most of Hitler's inner circle had committed suicide to escape capture by the Soviets. Karl Donitz was actively in charge of the Reichsmarine and was the direct leader of the "wolf packs" a group of U-Boats ordered to sink any supply ships going to the Allies.

Who was in power after Adolf Hitler?

Karl Donitz

Who was the president of Germany after Hitler was in power?

Karl Donitz

Who wrote the ceasfire for v-e day?

The General Jodel and the Admiral Donitz

Who was the leader of Germany when World War II was on?

Adolf Hitler was leader of Germany for nearly all of the war. Before killing himself he named Admiral Karl Donitz as his successor, and he surrendered Germany to the Allies.

What admiral organized the Germany navy of world war 2?

Karl Donitz was leader of the Kreigsmarine during World War 2, and for a brief time, chancellor of Germany (he was named as Hitler's successor but surrendered to the allies 9 days after his death).

Who was the next general after Hitler?

Hitler's original planned successor was Hermann Goering, leader of the Luftwaffe (German Air Force). But after a spat on April 28th, two days before Hitler shot himself, Goering was removed as successor and Karl Donitz was substituted. This was probably a poor decision on Hitler's part - Donitz capitulated with the Allies just 9 days later.