Who is Philip Sheridan?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Philip Sheridan was General-in-Chief of the Army after Sherman, who succeeded Grant. During the Civil War, Sheridan was a remarkable cavalry officer, the first notable one on the Federal side who could rank with the Confederate's many brilliant cavalry officers (Jeb Stuart, N. B. Forrest, and others).

It was really Sheridan more than anyone else who brought the war to a close during its final months. By destroying the cavalry of Jubal Early and burning the crops in the Shenandoah Valley, he broke the Confederate hold on west-central Virginia. In the final days before Appomattox, he seized the Confederate supply reserves and prevented General Lee's army from either heading south to meet their allies in North Carolina (General Johnston's army) or reaching the Confederate food stockpiles in Lynchburg. Without Sheridan, the war in this region might have gone on another few months.

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Q: Who is Philip Sheridan?
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Who did Philip Henry sheridan marry?

Philip Sheridan maried Irene Rucker Sheridan.

What is Philip Sheridan's middle name?

Philip Sheridan's middle name is Henry.

What is Philip Sheridan's birthday?

Philip Sheridan was born on March 6, 1831.

When was Philip Sheridan born?

Philip Sheridan was born on March 6, 1831.

What has the author Philip Sheridan written?

Philip Sheridan has written: 'Johnny on the spot'

Who were Philip Henry sheridan's siblings?

Philip Henry Sheridan had two siblings: Mary Sheridan, who was his younger sister, and John Sheridan, who was his younger brother.

Was Philip sheridan a confederate?

Philip Sheridan fought on the side of the Union in the American Civil War.

When was Philip Henry Sheridan born?

Philip Henry Sheridan was born on March 6, 1831.

Did Philip sheridan have siblings?

He had 5 siblings

Was General Philip Sheridan married?

Yes he was married

When did Union General Philip Henry Sheridan graduate from West Point?

General Philip Henry Sheridan graduated from West Point in 1853. He ranked 34th out of a class of 52.

How old was Philip sheridan when he died?

57 years old.