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There was none. the union and the confederates were only separated during the war

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Q: Who is Queen of the west- civil war?
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Which Civil War was it to do with the queen of England?

There has been no civil war in England whilst a queen has been on the English throne.

What was West Virginia's position in the civil war?

West Virginia was pro Union during the Civil War.

What Confederate State was the primary battleground in the Civil War in the West?

Virginia was the confederate state that was primarily the battleground in the civil war in the west. IMPROVEMENT. Tennessee was the primary battleground of the Civil War in the West.

What does Queen of the West have to do with the Civil War?

she was a union ram that was later captured by confederates and later burned and exploded at grand lake-atchafalaya river

What groups did not settle in large numbers in the West after the Civil War?

Japanese immigrants did not settle in large number in the West after the Civil War.

Did California do much fighting in the civil war?

California is on the west coast and was not a part of the civil war.

What side is the hulk on in the civil war?

The West.

Why did the union soldiers of the American Civil War west blue?

that was the color of the American soldiers prior to the civil war

Who was the commander of the west during the civil war?


West point civil war hero?

it was your mom

Which state was born from the civil war?

West Virginia

How was the civil war like in the west?

for time past