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The main idea of "The Final Solution" was to kill all of the Jewish people. This idea came from Adolf Hitler.

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Q: Who is idea was the final solution?
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Why was hitlers final solution a bad idea?

It was an evil idea. The Final Solution refers to 'The final solution to the Jewish question', ie. what to do with the Jews under German control. This invariably meant mass murder or genocide.

Who came with the idea of the final solution?

Adolf Hitler

What event in 1938 signaled the beginning of violence agains the Jews in Germany?

Hitlers idea of the Final Solution

Was Benito Mussolini responsible for the final solution plan?

No. It was actually Reinhard Heydrich who came up with the idea.

In mathematics what is a key?

The main idea or critical value which shows the way to reach the final solution of a problem.

What is the event that tried to eliminate Jews in Europe?

The Final Soution was decided at the Wansee Conference, this idea of the Final Solution started the mass killings in the Concentration Camps.

What was Hitler's plan called to eliminate European Jews?

The Final Solution was the name of the plan. The Allies knew of the final solution through intel, but thought it was a military plan, not plans for the Holocaust.

Is the Final Solution a noun?

Solution is a noun and final is an adjective and the Final Solution is a noun phrase or, arguably, a proper noun.

How were children treated in the final solution?

Children were treated good in the final solution

How were ghettos part of the final solution?

the ghettos came before the final solution

How long did the final solution go for?

The Final Solution went on for about three years.

What is the definition of Final Solution?

The Final Solution was the plan to rid of Europe's Jews.