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General Grant fought in the American civil war not WW2

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Q: Who is not a World War 2 general Patton rommel MacArthur or grant?
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Who is the famous world war 2 general?

Eisenhower, MacArthur, Patton?

Us general during world war ii?

Eisenhower, Patton, Macarthur, Stilwell, are some of the General officers of note.

Who were the most feared generals and admirals in World War 2?

Admiral Yamamoto was so key to the Japanese war effort that the US Navy spent considerable effort to locate, track and eliminate him. General Rommel General Eisenhower General MacArthur General Patton Admiral NimitzAnswerGeneral Bernard Montgomery of Britain.

Where was general George s Patton stationed during world war 2?

General Patton was stationed in many places during the war but his most valuable role was stationed in Africa chasing the Infamous Desert Fox, Rommel.

Who were two famous generals in World War 2?

Patton and Rommel

Who was the most feared German in World War 2?

George Patton.

Who is A US general during world war 2?

Principal US Generals in WW2 include: Eisenhower, Bradley , Patton, Fredenhall, Clark, Macarthur, Stillwell,......

Which general was in charge of the war in the pacific in World War 2?

General MacArthur.

What was General Rommel's nicknames in World War 2?

Rommel was universally known as "The Desert Fox".

Who was military leader of World War 2?

Generals who were prominent in WW2 include: Eisenhower; Zhukov; Montomery; Patton; Bradley; MacArthur;... there are many more.' Grofaz' was the name Hitler was referred as: Der Grosser Feldherr der alte Zeit. (The Greatest General in History) Oh, right ! One Commander who was respected on both sides was Erwin Rommel, of the Afrika Korps.

Who was the main u.s. general during world war 2?

It would be of 3 men General Eisenhower, General Montgomery or General Patton even though he was seen as a bit of a rebel still led the American army towards Berlin during the war but I would go with Patton still since he was able to move the army so quickly through France towards Germany.

Who were the three presidents who were generals in World War 2?

The only WW II general to become US president was Dwight Eisenhower.