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Q: Who is number 17 on the Germany team?
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What is the name of number 17 on the Florence freedom team?

Ian Durham

Which team does Germany play for?

A wild guess but as Germany is the German national team I'm going for Germany

0049170 what country and area starts with this number?

The digits 0049 - identifies the number as belonging to Germany. The next two digits (17) show that this is a mobile number.

Who is number 10 on Germany's soccer team?

Michael Ballack is number 13. It has been ever since he started playing.

What is Germany's soccer team name called?

Nationalef (National Eleven) Mannschaft (The Team) Nationalmannschaft (National Team)

Was Germany ever a good Rugby Union team before the war?

No, rugby has never been a popular sport in Germany. Presently Germany are number 32 in the IRB world rankings which is down from their previous position of 29.

What is Germany's Women's Soccer team name?


What was Germany's team name in world war 1?


What famous soccer players wears 17?

Pedro - FC Barcelona Nani - Manchester United -Cristiano Ronaldo used to wear number 17 for the portuguese international team

What is the name of a professional baseball in Germany?

Germany does not have a professional baseball team. In Germany we play soccer.

What is Landon Donovan's Jersey number for the USA Soccer team?

He was number 21 until recently he changed to number 10 which is suppost to be worn by the playmaker.

Who is the richest person in Germany?

Karl Albrecht is the richest man in Germany ranked number 13 throughout out the world. He has approximately 17 billions dollars, he is married and has two children he's a lucky guy.