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If your talking about glory in the end. I think he landed on his friend Thomas and then Denzel Washington was on top of him but idk.

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Q: Who is the dead black guy next to Colonel Robert Shaw?
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Where is Robert Gould Shaw buried?

Robert Gould Shaw was buried in a mass burial pit (grave) along with the other members of the 54th Massachusetts's Volunteer Infantry killed during the assault on Fort Wagner during the Civil War. Unfortunately, this grave site was in the sand dunes around Fort Wagner which bordered the Atlantic Ocean. Over time, storms and hurricanes tracking from the Atlantic Ocean contributed to heavy beach erosion and the bodies or their remains were washed out to sea. No trace of the original mass graves remain. Ya they sort of made a ditch and picked up the dead bodies and threw them in there. It's sad but they aren't going to haul all of the dead bodies back with them so this was kind of their only choice.

What was the result of the assult on fort wagner by the african american soldiers of the union's 54th massachusetts regiment?

The black soldiers managed to penetrate into the fort but, in spite of their gallant behaviour, after a relentless fighting they were repulsed with heavy losses and their commander, Col. Shaw was shot to dead. Sergeant William H. Carney so distinguished himself that he was later awarded the Medal of Honor, the first to be given to a black soldier.

Was there a regiment of combative black us soldiers in world war 2?

yes there was i was one of those soldiers all my buddys are dead

What happened under the president Johnson's plan for reconstruction?

African Americans' rights were limited by black codes. < APEX >

Did the Nazis raise the dead?

No, no one can raise the dead