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the war on terror is between the United States and Iraq

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Q: Who is the war on terror between?
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What are the simularities between the Vietnam war and the war of terror?

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Is war a solution to terror?

War causes terror, so how can war be a solution to terror?

What is the war - on - terror?

The "War on Terrorism" is the war going on between the United States and the Taliban (a terrorist organization). There are many links provided with useful information.

Six wars fought by the US between 1900 to 2000?

WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf War and the War on Terror

What is the name of the latest war?

the war on terror

1871 war on terror?

In the related links box below, I posted a good article on the 1871 War on Terror.

Why was the Afghanistan war started?

It is a part of the War on Terror.

Why did you go to war in Afghanistan?

As apart of the War on Terror.

When is the deadline for the War on Terror?

The War on Terror does not have a defined deadline. It will end when terrorism is not longer being committed. Terror will never be allowed to go unpunished by free people of the World.

When did the Terror War Start?

When did War on Terror StartSeptember 7, 2001NO That was sept 11 and America did not retaliate until later

Was war on terror in 2002?


When did George Bush anounce the war on terror?

Bush declared the War on Terror during his speech to Congress on September 20th, 2001.