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Hitler killed himself by shooting him self in the head with a small pistol after taking cyanide. His wife, Eva Braun, took a small cyanide pill to ensure her death by her husband's side.

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Nobody, they both died from natural causes.

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Q: Who killed Adolf Hitler's mom and dad?
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Who is Adolf Hitlers mom?

Her name was Klara Hitler.

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What was the exact time Adolf Hitlers mom died?

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Who were Adolf Hitler's mom and dad?

Alois and Klara Hitler were Adolf's parents.

What was the names of Adolf's dad?

Alois Hitler is his dad Klara Hitler is his mom

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Did hitlers mom and dad commit suicide too?

No, they both died from natural causes, Hitler's mother died from cancer.

Did Hitler hate his Mom and Dad and Why?

Adolf's father was a drunk who beat him there are accounts of hitler remembering his mother shield him when he was only five with her body hitler was very fond of his mother and had her picture with him when he killed himself.

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