Who made Anderson shelters?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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The Anderson Shelter was designed by William Paterson and Oscar Carl Kerrison in 1938. It was named after Sir John Anderson, who was responsible for air raid precautions during World War II, and it was Anderson who initiated the development of the shelter.

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jon anderson made them

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Sir John Anderson

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john anderson made the anderson shelters

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Q: Who made Anderson shelters?
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How were Anderson Shelters made?


Who made the Anderson shelters and what where they made from?

They were made out of iron mettle

When were anderson shelters made?

During WWII

why are Anderson shelters waterproof?

because that is how they where made

What materials were Anderson shelters made out of?


Is it true or false that shelters were made out of steel panels?

Anderson shelters were made of corrugated iron and Morrison shelters were made from steel panels.

What were Anderson shelters made from?

Re-enforced concrete

Why where Anderson shelters made?

Anderson shelters were small cheap bomb shelters used in the UK during WWII for air raid protection. They were meant to be erected in the back yard of individual homes.

What was the material of the world war 2 bomb shelters?

Anderson shelters wee made of corrugated iron.

What kind of iron was used to make air raid shelters?

Anderson shelters were made from corrugated iron.

What was the difference between Morrison and Anderson shelters?

Anderson shelters were outside and Morrison shelters were inside.

What was the maximum number of people who could stay in an Anderson shelter?

Anderson shelters were made to accomodate 6 people.