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There were no Central Powers in World War II. Two of the countries that made up the C.P. were gone before 1939. The two sides in World War II were the Allied Forces and the Axis Powers.

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Q: Who ran the central powers during world war 2?
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What were the two reasons the central powers surrendered in world war 1?

1: They had been blockaded by Allied fleets, so they ran out of supplies. 2. The Allies were making fast advances and defeating Central armies in multiple battles. The Central Powers could not possibly fight on.

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Who ran Germany during world war 2?

Adolf Hitler

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What happened to children who were not evacuated during World War 2?

they were kept hidden, there parents ran away with them or they were bombed.

Did the allied powers or the Germans have aircraft during d day?

The Allied airforces ran over 10,000 missions on D-Day. There was no significant German air power over the beach heads.

How did soldiers protect themselves from powerful artillery fire during world war 1?

Ran back the direction they came.

How did the women serve their country during world war 2?

The women made cloths and ran shops and factories, but they did not fight.

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