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A military Governor.

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Q: Who ruled over louisiana and texas during reconstruction?
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Who was the republican governor of Texas during reconstruction?

Edmund Jackson Davis

What country ruled Texas during the Independence for Texas?

Mexico was the ruling country.

What impact did Texas v. White have on Reconstruction?

Texas v. White was a Supreme Court case involving bonds sold during the Civil War. The Court ruled that Texas had been a state all throughout the War, and that its actions to secede, just like those of all other Confederate states, were null.

What direction is Texas to Louisiana?

Texas is to the west of Louisiana.

Name the five military districts established in 1867 during reconstruction after the US Civil War.?

1. Virginia 2. North and South Carolina 3. Alabama, Georgia, Florida 4. Arkansas, Mississippi 5. Texas, Louisiana I APPROVE!

You are in Louisiana and have a Texas inspection sticker can you get a Texas sticker while in Louisiana?

Can i get it inspected in louisiana

All star football game between Texas and Louisiana high schools?

TEXAS - LOUISIANABayou BowlBaytown, TX - Stallworth Stadium2003 to 2009 (7 Years)Texas (SE) vs. LouisianaTexas leads overall series 4-32009 - Texas 17, Louisiana 142008 - Texas 24, Louisiana 142007 - Louisiana 31, Texas 152006 - Louisiana 7, Texas 32005 - Louisiana 10, Texas 72004 - Texas 18, Louisiana 152003 - Texas 32, Louisiana 29

How was the economy of Texas during reconstruction?

im social studies we were asked this question and i don know the awenser

What state border Louisiana on the west?

Texas borders Louisiana on the west.

What state border the south of Louisiana?

Texas borders the south of Louisiana.

In the 1869 constitutional political power in Texas was controlled by?

The US Army during the Post Civil War Reconstruction period. Texas returned to the Union on 30 March 1870.

What touches Texas and Arkansas?

Texas and Louisiana