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Q: Who said work is a necessary evil to be avoided?
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Is Home work a necessary evil?

yes home work is a necessary evil but we should protest about it

What is another way to say necessary evil?

There is no way to say "necessary evil" for there is no such thing. All evil is evil and has no justification in our lives. Evil is the opposite of good; it consists in disobeying the laws of God. Everything which is fostered, inspired, and spread by the power of the Evil One is in its nature evil. Evil is sin, transgression, unrighteousness, wickedness and in no way can be justified as necessary. Though there must be an opposition in all things, if it were no so how could man work out his own salvation. One of the reasons we are here upon this earth is that we may overcome evil. but many people have said that Satan and his demons are necessary evils as they exist and seem to be allowed free reign in this world, regardless of where they stand before God. The presence of the evil ones and horrible events have caused many to doubt God's goodness, His intents, and who's best interest He has at heart, though the fault lie not with God, but with us, Satan, and his demons. This necessary evil belief stems from or at least has a part in the whole yin/yang concept, as the dark side seems to be as necessary as the light side, though as reverend harrision said, that is not true, as all evil will have their part in hell and later on in the lake of fire.

Why mobile phones are a necessary evil?

Mobile phones are a necessary evil because people need to be contacted in case of an emergency. Many people have to answer E-mails or calls for work when away from the office as well.

Why is friction called a necessary evil?

Friction is necessary : If there is no friction between any two surfaces in contact, then the present day civilization will be no more- as we cannot even walk properly on the earth. There will be no fabrics and garments, no construction of buildings and no furniture, even no cooking and no vehicles. So friction is necessary. But too much friction causes a heavy loss of energy, wear and tear of machinery. Thus, the efficiency of machines will decrease tremendously. So, it is rightly said that friction is a necessary evil.

Why is planning necessary before starting to work on your garden?

(Crop Rotation). Said to help and enhance plants

I work with my partner i feel he takes stuff out on me he stormed in and said i had an evil streak there was a story which is too long I had done nothing wrong it may have appeared that i had?

never answer this

Is it necessary for tattoo artist to have tattoos on his body?

It's not necessary, but it's so uncommon that to see an artist with no work is next to ridiculous. At the end of the day, it's like trusting a skinny chef, or an ugly cosmetologist if you get my drift. How much can the guy really know about the work that he does if he has none of said work himself?

Why are carefulaccurate observation necessary in chemistry practical work?

why are careful, accurate observations necessary in chemistry practical work.

Why do hair boilers boil hair?

In the production of wigs, it is necessary to boil the animal hair until the soft sufficient thing stays. The major difficulty of this work is the evil smell that the hair detaches during the process.

How is it possible to obtain a work at home job?

It's possible if you have the necessary skills and knowledge to work at home, if you can work without supervision and have the necessary equipment/work space.

Is it necessary to?

No. Mark Twain once said that his only exercise was acting as a pallbearer for his frends who exercised. But he died at 64. The fact is, that getting out of bed is exercise. If you work then gyms are silly.

Who is the fourth monkey of gandhi ji?

THINK NO EVIL. B'COS WORK COMES FROM THOUGHT. No evil thinking no evil action performed. Rajashree