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"I will return" was a quote from General Douglas MacArthur

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Q: Who said you will return in World War 2?
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Who said I will return in World War 2?

Douglas MacArthur

General of World War 2 who said i shall return?

Douglas McArthur.

Who was the general during World War 2 that said 'We shall return'?

General Douglas MacArthur.

Who said I shall return?

General Douglas MacArthur made the famous statement "I shall return" when forced to leave the Philippines during World War II.

When did the soldiers of World War 2 return home?


Why did troops return in world war 2?

Troops went home when the war ended.

Why did the US support the return of the French at the end of World War 2?

The US simply defeated an enemy, and tried to allow the world to return to the way it was before the war.

Did the kids return home after the blitz in World War 2?

Yes they did

What nation was the pre-war government allowed to return to power after World War 2?


What were Australian soldiers given upon their return from World War 2?

they were given

Did Gen Douglas win a medal of honor for World War 2?

If you mean General Douglas Mac Arthur, he did win a Medal of Honor for service in the Pacific in World War II. My father, who served in the Philippines said, "Remember when Mac Arthur said 'I shall return' when he left the Philippines? It was me he was supposed to come back for".

After world war 2 did the Jews return to Germany?

Very, very few returned.