Who supported slavery and why?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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Slavery in the southern states was supported by plantation owners who made their money off of crops. They believed that slaves were necessary to keep the southern economy going, so slaveholders were not willing to let their slaves go.

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The South supported slavery because that is what they relied on to produce their goods. Nearly half of the Souths population was made up of slaves.

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Q: Who supported slavery and why?
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Why was it difficult to vote for Lincoln in the south?

The South wanted more control of their own states. Lincoln did not support this. Also, the South supported slavery, and Lincoln didn't.

What was the goal of the abolitionists in the 1800?

The goal of the abolitionists was to abolish (do away with) slavery as a legal institution in the US. The movement grew in the early 1800s partly as a result of the differing state laws. In the South, slavery was legal and supported labor-intensive agriculture. In the North, slavery was being phased out in favor of employing new immigrants, and agriculture was not the only economic activity.

How did free soilers differ from abolitionists?

free soilers: their goal was to prohibit slavery only in new territories- many were unconvinced that the whole institution of slavery could be eliminated, some were northerns who did not want to compete economically with slavery in the new territories, others were racist and did not want blacks, free or enslaved, playing a role in westward expansion abolitionists: their goal was to abolish slavery completely they were more into the moral aspect of the issue and generally supported social equality

What political party was against slavery?

no it wasnt because the Northern Whigs joined with other opponents of slavery.and the north was against slavery yes they were against slavery the democrats were for it

What helped abolitionist the north help to promote the end of slavery?

Short-term - it stopped the British from supporting the Confederates, because it would have made them look pro-slavery. Long-term - it gave the North something more emotive to fight for, and helped to raise morale.

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