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The answer is John Bankhead Magruder. Magruder accomplished this through the use of quaker guns - wodden logs carved to resemble cannons - shifting his real artillery from position to position and firing them frequently and liberally - to give the impression of there being more artillery in place than there actually was - and by marching small groups of his command past across the same positions numerous times - to give the impression of there being more men in position than there actually were.

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It was Confederate General John Magruder who tricked McClellan into believing the Confederate infantry was larger than it was in reality. The Siege of Yorktown happened in 1862.

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Q: Who tricked McClellan to believing there were more Conferedate infantry at Yorktown?
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How did the disaster at balls bluff act as a powerful deterrent to hasty action on the part of mcclellan?

Confederate infantry was camped in the area, and in October McClellan ordered a subordinate to make a reconnaissance in force and see what the Rebels were doing.

How did General George B. McClellan conduct the movements of the advance guard in marching exercises?

When conducting large marching exercises General McClellan followed what seems to be a standard practice for Union as well as for Confederate armies. In open country, the cavalry would lead the advance guard followed by infantry units. In rough terrain, the infantry would lead and the cavalry would confine themselves to being a rear guard and having the duty of providing intelligence on any enemy forces that may be approaching from the rear of the main infantry unit.

What was General George B. McClellan's policy regarding the beginning of a battle?

In August of 1861, Major General George B. McClellan began to set policies and guidelines for the army he was training in Washington DC. As a general rule, McClellan made it clear that artillery batteries needed to be concentrated on a decisive point in the enemy's lines. When it was clear that the enemy was damaged by the artillery, the infantry could then advance. Cavalry units would stand in reserve and be ready to take advantage of the infantry's progress against the enemy.Of course, these general policies could be changed if circumstances warranted it.

What did General George B McClellan's troop concentration indicate his tactics for the upcoming Battle of Antietam?

The disproportionate massing of of Union infantry at the center of McClellan's lines was an indicator that he considered this to be the critical sector of the upcoming battle. The concentration would either be the launch pad for a frontal assault or the foundation of a final defense. That he also chose to place his calvary unites at the center of his lines was another indicator of his plans.

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What actions did Union General George B McClellan take in the capital to ease Lincoln's fears?

Union General George B. McClellan continued in the Fall of 1861 to train and organize his army. In an effort to ease US President Lincoln's concerns, McClellan put on a military review that displayed the largest military army ever seen in North America at Washington DC.The military parade included 90 infantry regiments, 9 cavalry regiments, and batteries containing 100 cannon. All in all there were 100,000 troops under Lincoln's review. It's now November, 1861. Lincoln fully expected McClellan to make good use of these tremendous force.

What events in what became West Virginia brought national attention to Major General McClellan in 1861?

In the late Spring and early Summer of 1861, Major General George B. McClellan assembled an infantry force and organized it for an extended operation in the western Virginia mountains. The people in western Virginia were not in favor of secession and this helped McClellan and his campaign to gain momentum in that part of the state. Within a month, McClellan's troops established control in this important border zone. McClellan had organized almost 20,000 volunteers and the Confederates had only about 3,000 troops to oppose the Union troops. The result was a Union victory in what were perhaps two skirmishes in western Virginia. The Northern press picked up on this successful story and labeled the skirmishes as major victories. McClellan was recognized in some Northern quarters as a master of organization and logistics which were required in that region of high mountains, deep forests and primitive communications.

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