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the radical republicans lie thadeus stevens and schumer

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Q: Who wanted to treat the defeated southern states as the conquered war territory?
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Who defeated all the city states of Sumer and conquered northern Mesopotamia?

Sargon's soldiers defeated all the city states and also conquered northern Mesopotamia

Why did the southern states want the new states to be out of the western territory?


Who viewed the southern states as conquered provinces?

Congressional republicans.

How did they solve the dispute between the northern and southern states?

The Union soldiers defeated the Confederate soldiers. The southern states surrendered and the northern states put many sanctions on the southern states after the war.

What was to become of the defeated southern states?

the southern states would have had to listen to the northern states..the north basically ruled the south since the south surrendered to the north

Why did Whigs opposes a war with Mexico?

the whigs did not want conquered territory to become slave states

What main impact did Andrew Jackson have on the geography of the southern states?

Adding territory to Florida and Georgia was one way Andrew Jackson impacted the geography of the southern states. Jackson also added territory to Alabama.

Did The Louisiana Territory give us a southern seaport and increase the size of the united states?

It depends. In the beginning the Louisiana Territory belonged to Spain. When America finally got a hold of the Louisiana Territory, it did give us a southern seaport and increased the size of the United States.

What was the Conquered province theory in Reconstruction?

It was an idea proposed by Thaddeus Stevens that held that the conquered confederate states should be treated as occupied conquered territory and governed by international law not U.S. law under the constitution.

When did the US conquer China?

The United States has never "conquered" China. Meaning that the United States has never occupied or taken over Chinese territory.

What present day states made up the northwest territory?

The present day states were: Cananda, Florida, and the southern border.

Is Mexico Europe?

No. Mexico is on the southern tip of North America. It however, was conquered and settled during the 16th century by Spanish Conquistadors. Hence, Mexico became an overseas territory of Spain, a European country.