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Germany was Britain's main enemy.

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Q: Who was Britain's main enemy during World War 1?
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Which country was America's ally during the war but had now become its main enemy after world war 2?


Who was the United states main enemy after World War 2?

Russia was the US's main enemy after WW2

Which country was the main enemy of England during the Tudor period?


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britains main type of enerrgy is oil gas and coal

Who was your enemy during World War 2?

The main enemies of the Allied Nations in WW2 were Germany, Japan and Italy. There were some other Axis nations, but, they were very small.

How Chinese communist increase their power during World War 2?

During WW2, the common enemy of China was Japan. Communist vs Nationalist warfare would become a main problem when WW2 ended.

Who were the Mongols enemy's?

Some of their main enemies were the Chinese and Slavic Europeans during their expansion westward.

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Germany. lots of countries had that as their enemy in world war 2.;)

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Caesar's main enemy during the Roman Civil war of 49 to 45 BC was Pompey.

Did Britain nearly join the Nazis in World War 2?

absolutely NOT, they were the main enemy of Nazi Germany!!!