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Q: Who was General McDowell replaced by?
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After his defeat at Manassas General Irwin McDowell was replaced by General?

McDowell was replaced by George B. McClellan.

General McDowell was replaced by General?

George McLellan

Who was the first general to lead the Union troops that was replaced after the First Battle of Bull Run?

General Irvin McDowell

Who was the superintendent of us army forces during the civil war?

1861- General McDowell (replaced) 1861- General McClellan (replaced) 1862- Major-General Henry Halleck (replaced) 1863- General McClellan (replaced) 1865- Lieutenant-General Ulysses S. Grant

General McDowell in the civil war?

General McDowell was the first commanding officer of the Union's Army of the Potomac. Under him the Army lost it's first major battle, the battle of Manassas or Bull Run. He was quickly replaced with General George B. McClellan.

How many siblings did general irvin mcdowell have?


Who was irvin mcdowell's commanding general?

Winfield Scott

Who replaced Irvin mcdowell after the defeat of bull run?

George B. McClellan

What battle did General Beauregard fight against General McDowell?

battle of bull run

Who took over union army after bull run?

Major General George B. McClellan replaced Brigadier General Irvin McDowell as commander of the Army of Northeastern Virginia on July 26th, 1861. This army was to eventually become the Army of the Potomac.

Was Irvin McDowell a commander or a leader?

I think he is a commander or a general.

What side of the civil war was general McDowell on?

The left side