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Mary Boykin Chestnut was not an actual participant in the Civil War. She was an author and an abolitionist who wrote about the war in a diary. She was married to James Chestnut who was a Confederate States Army general.

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Q: Who was Mary Chestnut in the civil war?
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Who is Mary Chesnt civil war diarist?

The spelling is MarY Chestnut. She was a lady of the South who kept a diary from before the Civil War until long after.

How did Mary chesnut become a heroine of the Civil War?

Mary Chestnut became a famous Civil War figure because of a diary she kept throughout the war. Mary was a southern woman, from South Carolina, and she kept a diary from the moment the guns opened up on Fort Sumter right through to the end of the War.

Who was the women during the civil war?

Belle Boyd, Mary Chestnut, Varina Davis, Mary Custis Lee, Susan Tarleton, Emily Todd, Emma Sampson, Martha Bulloch

What book did Mary Chesnut write?

Mary Chesnut wrote the book "A Diary from Dixie" which is a firsthand account of the American Civil War from the perspective of a Southern woman. It provides insights into the social and political climate of the time.

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What did Mary todd Lincoln do for the civil war?

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What did Mary Walker do in the war?

Dr. Mary Walker was a contract surgeon during the American Civil War 1861-1865.

What side was Mary todd Lincoln in the civil war?

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What did Mary edward walker do for the civil war?

She was an assistant surgeon.

Why is Mary Boykin Chesnut famous?

because she is in the civil war

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