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General Grant

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Q: Who was Union general known as ''the butcher''?
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What was general v weyler nickname?

General V. Weyler was known as The Butcher during the Spanish-American War

Who was General Weyler?

He was a former Cuban Governor and Spanish Army General known as The Butcher who was a master of the reconcentration camps to quell revolts.

What caused General in Chief US Grant to be called a butcher by citizens in Washington DC?

The Union's Secretary of the Navy, Gideon Welles had been a supporter of US Grant. This was known when Grant and he pushed for the capture of Mobile, Alabama, when US President Lincoln and General Henry Halleck trumped them by insisting that Texas was a more important target. After the Battle of Cold Harbor, however, Welles was less than a 100% backer of General Grant. Welles noted that people in the capital were calling General Grant a "butcher" based on his strategies and tactics in the Union's Virginia campaign 1864.

Who is known as old rosy?

Rosecrans, Union General.

Who was the Union general who was considered a butcher and heavy drinker?

Sounds like U.S. Grant. A heavy drinker certainly. Butcher - yes, he appeared to be blase about his losses, but it was simply a war of attrition, and he knew the Confederates would run out of men first.

Who was the union general known for total war?

William Tecumseh Sherman was known for total war.

Who was known as the butcher?

John Brown.

Who was the british military leader known as the butcher?

Banastre Tarleton also know as Benny the Butcher.

What Union general became known as the Lincolns most valuable general?

By all accounts, US President Lincoln believed that general Ulysses S. Grant was the Union's most valuable general. Lincoln appointed him as commander of all Union military forces and had Grant report directly to the president.

What is a union general?

A General of the Union.

What is General Lee's frontal assault on Union lines is known today as?

the battle of Gettysburg

Who was the general known as fighting joe?

Joseph Hooker of the Union - commanding the Army of the Potomac.