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General Bradley was his immediate superior, but ultimately it was General Douglas MacArthur.

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Q: Who was general Patton's commanding officer?
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What is the name of the Commanding officer of a military organization?


Who was the commanding officer of the confederacy?

general Robert e. lee

Who was the commanding officer for the Confederate States of America?

General Robert E Lee

Who was the commanding officer who led the confederacy at fort Sumter?

General P.G.T. Beauregard

Who were the genarals in the Battle of Gettysburg?

General Robert E Lee, Commanding Officer The Army of Northern Virginia, Confederate States of America Lt. General George Meade, Commanding Officer, The Army of the Potomac, United States

What is the full form of co in department of police?

circle officer

Which military officer resigned from the US army and became commanding general?

Robert E. Lee

What was the commanding officer union of Vicksburg?

The commanding Union officer was U.S. Grant.

What is the difference of a commander to a general?

A commander is an officer of any rank who is actually commanding an army/navy/airforce unit. A general is someone having that specific rank, but who is not necessarily actively commanding an army unit.

What is the name of the commandant?

For the Confederates, Robert E. Lee was the commanding officer. The Federals had Ambrose Burnside as their general.

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Who is the commanding officer for the Marines?

General James F. Amos became the Commandant of the Marine Corps on 22 October 2010.