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president Johnson

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Q: Who was impeached during the civil war?
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Abraham Lincoln should have been impeached for his violation of civil liberties during the war agree or disagree with this statement?


Which President was impeached and almost convicted after the civil war?

Andrew Johnson.

President impeached during Mexican-American war?


Who were Jackson and Johnston during the Civil War?

they were two generals during the civil war

Who is the president during the civil war?

Abraham Lincoln was the president during the civil war.

Who was the presidint during the Civil War?

Abraham Lincoln was President during the US Civil War.

What were Abraham Lincoln's Accomplishments during the Civil War?

led the country during the civil war

What happened during the Liberian civil war 1?

What happened during the Liberia civil war?

What were soldiers of the south called during the civil war?

They were called Rebels during the Civil War

What was Kansas's position during the Civil War?

Kansas remained in the Union during the Civil War.

During the civil war What were the south soldiers called?

They were called Rebels during the Civil War

How was culture effected during the Civil War?

what was the civil war like