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Adolf Hitler was ultimately in charge. He had a few minions as well, but he was the scum running the show.

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Adolf Hitler

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Q: Who was in charge of Germany during the blitz?
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What country dropped the bombs on London during the blitz?


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How many bombs were dropped on Germany in the blitz?

None. The blitz refers to bombs dropped on England, not Germany.

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What were the outcomes in the blitz?

Britain did not surrender Germany after germany bombed Britain

When did the blitz start and end?

The Blitz started on September 7, 1940, and ended on May 11, 1941. It was a sustained bombing campaign carried out by Nazi Germany against the United Kingdom during World War II.

What are the ratings and certificates for Blitz - 2002?

Blitz - 2002 is rated/received certificates of: Germany:16

What was the bombing of London called during the world war 2?

The Blitz or the London Blitz.

Name given by the british to the German bombing of towns and cities during the winter of 1939-1940 when there was no fighting between France and Germany?

The Blitz

What happend during the blitz?

i do not no

Who was in charge during World War I in Germany?

kiaser William III

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were the bombing attacks of the blitz done during the day or night