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Q: Who was in charge of the Soviets in the Berlin blackade and airlift?
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Who was in charge of Berlin during the Berlin airlift?

Jack Black's Great Great Grandpa

How did the Berlin airlift start?

The Berlin airlift began in 1948 as a response to the Soviet Union's blockade of West Berlin, cutting off supply routes to the city. The Western Allies organized an extensive airlift operation to deliver food, fuel, and supplies to the citizens of West Berlin. This operation lasted for over a year, effectively breaking the blockade and demonstrating the resolve of the Western powers during the early stages of the Cold War.

What was the significance of the west Berlin blockade?

The Berlin Blockade and airlift were important for the development of the Cold war because it was one of the first crises which happened during the Cold War. The Berlin Blockade changed many people's lives in West Berlin as the Soviets had blocked food supplies, energy supplies and gas to West Berlin by closing all roads and railways. This lead to the USA and Britain having to supply West Berlin by sending airplanes filled with supplies to West Berlin. In order for West Berlin to survive, they needed 4000 tonnes of food a day which meant that aeroplanes filled with supplies landed every 30 seconds. This was called the Berlin airlift. As a result of this, 79 American and British pilots lost their lives. In May 1949 Stalin called off the Berlin Blockade as the Soviets realised that the people of West Berlin were managing fine with the help of the USA and the UK.

What country was in charge of the German Confederation?


Why was the Berlin Airlift important to the US?

The Berlin Airlift occurred after World War 2. When Germany surrendered, the four major countries of the Allies were placed in charge as occupation forces. The four countries were USA, Britain, France and Russia. The country was divided up into sectors and placed under the control of each country and the capitol city of Berlin was also divided. Later, Russia began to isolate the territories under their rule, including other border countries. This divided Germany and eventually Russia erected a wall that was known as the "Iron Curtain" along the border. Since the city of Berlin was within the region occupied by Russia, the sectors of the city that was under the rule of US, Britain and France were cut off from the other regions of Germany to the west, which still had some freedom. The Soviet Prime Minister wanted to exert complete control, so he closed the only road that connected the part of Berlin that was free from the remaining West Germany. The US and the other allies didn't want Russia to take complete control over Berlin, so they sent food and supplies into Berlin by air---thus the Berlin Airlift. Eventually, Russia gave in and re-opened the road.

Who was in charge of tearing down the Berlin wall?

The East German Border Command. They hired excavation companies to do the work.

What did Soviets do during Cuban missile crisis?

He wasn't able to do much. The Russians were in charge of the missiles on Cuba and not Castro, so it was up to them to respond to JFK.

What soviet actions led to the Berlin airlift?

Stalin closed all roads, railways and canals leading to Berlin. This meant that the people of West Berlin would starve: therefore, the USA, France and Britain flew in supplies of flour, coal, milk and food. This continued until Stalin lifted the Blockade in 1949.

How did Osama bin Laden come to power?

all i know is that when the Soviets tried to occupy Afghanistan, he helped the revolt. he was in charge of gathering Muslims to help them rebel.

Why did the soviets lift the blockade of Berlin?

Because the communist style of economic socialism was unsustainable. It had no real incentives to reward the productive worker or the enterprising business builder. To the contrary, the Soviet styled economy rewared mediocrity and sloth. Unfortunately, the USA is going down the same dead end as did the USSR. The reason for this, is the real controllers of the nations (certainly not the presidents), but those in charge behind the scenes, like the broad economics of socialism because it allows them easier access to plunder the wealth of nations. The USSR was systematically hollowed-out, leaving only a shell of its former self. We see the same thing in America. Most all large manufacturing companies have fled, leaving the USA a pathetic service economy. Nothing is produced. Untold billions are skimmed in churning scams. America, sadly, is in the bloated Elvis stage, ready for a massive heartattack while sitting on the can. But we have football to distract us, thank God!

When happened to Germany after world war 2?

It was divided into four parts, each controlled by one of the major Allied Powers - US, France, UK, and the USSR. The same was applied to Berlin, which was in the USSR part of Germany. The British, French, and American parts of Germany (and Berlin) were democracies, while the USSR controlled parts were socialist governments modeled after the USSR's own, with the Communist Party in charge. Eventually, the British, French, and American-controlled parts would merge, dividing Germany into East Germany and West Germany, with East Berlin and West Berlin. The Eastern parts of both plummeted into poverty, and the effects can still be seen in modern Germany. The USSR, at one point, closed off all means of trade between West Berlin and West Germany/the Allies, causing the Berling Airlift, in which the US (as well as Britain and France) dropped supplies into the city using planes.

Which year did east and West Germany unify into the current Germany?

At the end of World War II in 1945, Germany was separated into four occupation zones, administered by the Russians, British, French and Americans respectively. It was intended that Germany would eventually be reunified as a separate country. However due to the onset of the Cold War, Russia decided to create East Germany as a separate country under communist control, rather than give up control and let it become democratic/capitalist as it likely would have. The other three zones were reunited as the democratic country of West Germany.